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Go here instead. That’s where I am these days.


And I miss you!

Finding my way and falling in holes

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I have been interested in a LOT of things over my life. I continue to be. Those interests make my put my hands on lots of things. And when I like them, I dive in . . . and learn. . . and try. . . and fail. . . and learn. . . and grow. I tell people that I keep my standards low so that I can be pleased with the final products. Today, I realize that it’s not about the products. It’s about the process of learning. If I get tied up in perfect products, the focus shifts. Okay, duh.

There’s a tension in me about sharing my learning journey with you. I struggle with how much to tell you. If you know that I’m truly human, will you think less of me? Or will you admire me for the courage to share my vulnerability?

Ah, well. I can always take this page down.

It looks from my website that I’ve been doing this nearly for forever, right? While I’ve been doing a whole lot of these things for several decades, some of my work is pretty new and some of it is only a decade old, which for me is pretty new. I haven’t shared any part of my reinvention journey. But, I’m going to start here. I just listened to one of Bill Baren’s free teleseminars, in which he enrolls the audience in an onsite workshop (2.5 days) for a small (read, tiny) donation to a charity he supports. It was so easy to sign up. The fee was so small that it was out of pocket almost. So I signed up. It’s in San Jose, so it’s not going to be that cheap, in that I need to fly out (right after my first conference of the year) and I need to stay at the conference hotel. I figure it will total about $700 if I use points.

Here are the notes that I took from the teleseminar, as the evidence that got me to sign up for the longer experience. Bill left me with more questions than anything else. I’m hoping that the workshop in March begins to help me answer them. And, I wonder if I’ll actually go.

Many questions

Sketchnoting 101 is open for registration!!!!

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All you have to do is click the logo below and follow the registration link.

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Or click this link: http://coolgeni.com/

Can’t wait to see you there!!!!!!