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My mini-celebrity watch — name dropping

In Friend's doing cool stuff that you can share, I NEED THAT!, Let's eat on May 11, 2010 at 3:50 pm

Okay, well these folks aren’t HUGE celebrities yet, but they ought to be. Here’s a list of friends who are doing cool things. . . and you can share in the experience.

For instance, Billy Ray and Beverly are running an art center in San Marcos. See them here www.zzzdog.com

And Karen and Jim are making olive oil and flavored balsamic vinegars from their own olive trees. The Mesquite-smoked olive oil won’t stick around my kitchen. Every time I look there’s less of it. I wish they would fix that. They had a spicy lime stuffed olive that transforms a Mexican Martini, but alas no more. Get the good stuff before it’s gone.  www.texasoliveranch.com

And Leslie is creating Spanish chorizo from a 300 year old recipe (Aurelia’s recipe, hence the name) with lots of great smoked paprika. You can’t make paella without it. Plus, she showed me how to saute it with cubes of good bread, crushed garlic and more smoked paprika, then put a cube of bread and a slice of sausage on a toothpick for appetizers. I hate to quote Rachel Ray, but “yummo!” www.aureliaschorizo.com

And then there’s Abby, who is re-inventing yoga for the rest of us. www.heartfeltyoga.com

Who do you know who is doing something that we can share in?


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