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Harriet painted for 70+ years

In ART! on May 12, 2010 at 3:10 pm

My mother, Harriet Hayward, painted for over 70 years. She painted and then gave her paintings away. Often, before we had seen them.

I knew her well as a mother. She was fierce!

When she died late last year, we found a wealth of additional work, in photos and on paper. It was like discovering more of her. I went through journals and notes, drawers of paper drawings, lots of photos, and assembled a “catalog” of her life as an artist. You can see it at www.viovio.com. Search under Harriet Hayward.

We’ve recently discovered a place that will print images on canvas, as large as 3 x 4, which means that we can have more of her or copies of her work, that is. You need one?

  1. Hello, I just found out about your Mom, what a great lady.I’m really sorry. I still have her painting of Dasie Dog. Tell Eric hello.

    call me (254) 863-5184 your friend, Jimmy Jones
    or e-mail

    • Wow! Hello! Good to have contact information. I hope you are doing well. We are. Eric is a residential home inspector, which means that he tells people what they did wrong but doesn’t have to fix it. It suits him. He works out of a company truck so he doesn’t have to put up with office BS. And as of, Jan I am freelancing again. Ditto on the office BS.

      How are you?

      • that was fast – good to hear from you – I’m good, me and connie, wife?, are living out by Axtel – my youngest just finished highschool, my oldest is going to MCC and working full time, they all live – x wife,Jan – in the woodway house that my mom left me.Still doing music. go to Myspace jrjamjones and you can hear some old stuff -also check out my friends list for connie,desiree,spence my e-mail is jrjamjones@yahoo.com great to finally make contact – David P. will want to know jj

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