Hatching Free Range Ideas


In Wandering on May 13, 2010 at 2:19 pm

Last year, we took a 2 week driving/camping trip around the Western U.S. Each evening we looked at a map and asked, “Where do we want to go tomorrow?” We followed a small canyon where the river ran uphill and drove a narrow road up the side of a mountain. . . all that stuff. It was freeing not to have a schedule or a plan, however, even then, we found the best surprises when our one day plans went slightly awry . . . like when the Chaco Canyon campground turned out to be closed and we had to camp at Angel Peak, the place that we think the Anasazis called the navel of the world.

It’s a good metaphor for my life. I’ve found a lot by wandering around, careers that connect to careers, friends, houses, home. And it’s both a large and small metaphor. When I hike with others, they leave me in their dust to wander alone. As they head for broader and higher vistas, I meander around looking for tiny treasures, little vistas on the ground.  While you jog the beach, I search for small creatures, parts of shells, shiny rocks which sometimes turn out to be tar balls. It’s amazing what you find when you aren’t looking for something in particular, huh?


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