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Sharing morels

In Let's eat on May 14, 2010 at 2:13 pm

This has been the most wonderful Texas Spring in many years. The unusually cool and wet weather has brought out the wildflowers, the asparagus and several other surprises. Plants that were assumed long dead have reappeared. And then, of course, there are these.

These are Texas Morels. They only appear when Winter conditions AND Spring conditions have been exactly perfect . . . wet enough, cool at the right times, enough sunlight filtering through the cedar branches. And only they know what’s perfect. Their last appearance was 6 years ago. This year, I didn’t look, but while helping fill a gap in a dam, there one was at the toe of Eric’s foot. Well! That set the day’s agenda. We tromped around and found all of these that same day.

Two days later, we had four other friends over for morels in cream sauce, with something else. Doesn’t really matter what else. We ate all 2 pounds of morels in one sitting. They were glorious. When they cook, they look like little sea creatures.

After that haul, we had more rain and I continued to hunt. I found a few, which I shared with family. I learned on the small portion what no one had told me for the large; morels are best when browned in butter, not sauteed in butter or lathered in cream. Browned. So, in 2016, when they may reappear, please remind me that I told you this really important point. Butter!!! I hope we remember.

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