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Shoendelier, the right foot

In Make something on June 16, 2010 at 9:48 pm

I’ve been looking for a way to make the old, tired chandelier that I found for $5 at a flea market work for 16, and now 18 wooden shoes. It wouldn’t. It wasn’t big enough. And, I had pulled all the old wires out of the arms before I read that you tape the new wires onto the old ones so that you can get them through. Sigh. It’s that read the instructions thingy again.

And then a friend found this one at a Habitat Restore. It was new and tired, weary with a bronzey finish, but the bones were perfect! So he bought it. And then I painted it fire engine high gloss red, ’cause red truly is a neutral color. Those of you who don’t know that yet should spend some time there.

You see it here, hanging under the front porch of the house. My spray painting digit is done for the day but already, I can tell it’s FABULOUS!!!! It’ll get one or two more touch up coats and then I’ll start on the dangles.

Imagine it with wooden shoes, you know the ones? With assorted crystals hanging from the toes. And bands of red glass beads stretching across the dips in the arms. And maybe some maracas ’cause I might not have enough shoes for a piece this big.

And speaking of this big, where do you think it’ll go? On a pulley under a large cedar elm outside. What? You’ve seen my house. Even if you haven’t, this sucker is BIG, like 3 x 3 feet.

I can’t wait for the paint to dry. Thank you, Mellie, for this wonderful find! I don’t yet collect old chandelier frames, but I might one day. Keep your eyes open.

  1. couldn’t quite see it when you were talking about it at lunch,,, yes, can see it now — fabulous of course!

  2. This is clearly a work of art and am eager to see it wearing shoes! Thanks for informing me that red is a neutral color. Now I can go about teaching others!

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