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Billy Ray’s Birthday Pork Butt

In Uncategorized on July 22, 2010 at 1:11 pm

Billy Ray, of Eye of the Dog, had a birthday party two weeks ago. That was the inspiration for this “song.”

For Billy Ray’s Big Pork Butt

Today, I’m one year older and we plan to celebrate
My wife she said, “Hey, Amsterdam?” I said that sounded great,
But I got another idea that seemed rational to mention.
I said, “Instead of travel, let’s share up our best intention.

“Let’s gather all our cronies who we’d love to hang together
‘Cause now that we’ve got AC, we ain’t scared of summer weather.
Let’s put ‘em in the Center and feed ‘em ‘til they pop
But let’s do it on a Sunday so the party has to stop.”


We could smoke us up some pork butts
Yeah baby, and we’ll keep an eye on dog mutts
‘Cause maybe, they might choose ‘em up their own treat
They know that you just can’t beat pig meat.

Bev agreed the concept had some style and had some merits.
We both know a lot of veg-heads but we wanted more than carrots
To mark a big occasion and to test old body’s limits,
Just a stutter to the heart, no one headed to the clinic.

So I turned on the computer to learn what to do
And I found it in a flash, not on one website but two
Or three or maybe 50. It was excellent advice
That came from other people who had done it once or twice


I learned How to smoke a pork butt
Oh baby, if you’re headed for a life rut
And maybe, if there’s many gonna join you
It’s crazy and you better just cook two.

Today I’m one day wiser, some say wiser than my years
We parceled out the leavings left around from piggy rears
To avoid the body trauma left when leftovers abound
We split it up and farmed it out and shared it all around.


You gotta take some pork butt
Oh baby, please relieve us of the pork glut
‘Cause maybe, there’s so many more of you
It’s crazy, if we’re eating it with us two.

And baby, when you eat in on a soft bun
You’ll relive this big night of Big Fun
That will keep away the soft tears
From waiting ‘til the next year.


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