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Visual storytelling

In How we learn and think, Images, Make something, Visual Thinking, Wandering on August 13, 2010 at 3:54 pm


Recently, I was struggling to create a small course on how to tell your leader story and I tried to craft mine. I ended up in the mire. If I can’t figure this out for myself, how in the world can I teach it to anyone else?!

You know that’s what instructional designers do, right? They don’t have their own ideas, they just package other people’s ideas for consumption and memory.

I worked on this for a week or more, knowing, that Stephen Denning’s promotion of story as The Secret Langugage of Leadership is resonant. How could I get there?!!!!

I read Donald Miller’s A million miles in a 1000 years. . . twice! And I thought about inciting incidents, the point of change that Denning talks about. Still, too much to think through. No focus.

I drew a straight line and added action points, like a friend of mine showed me when we were writing a screenplay together. Repeat.

Then yesterday, I flipped through David Sibbet’s new book, Visual Meetings. There was a bit in it about drawing story line of your life, with peaks and valleys. Okay, I can’t find it now, but I’ve got the whole book to read through and I know it’s there.

So, I drew a line of peaks and valleys. Change in dimension made all the difference. It caused me to look at a chapter. The line led me back to leading events and forward to a desired future event, marked present.


What’s your storyline?


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