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Come and play! You too can create wonderful woven wire chains.

In ART!, Make something on September 28, 2010 at 2:20 pm

November 18th, I’m teaching a woven wire chain making class at Eye of the Dog Art Center. There are two styles that you can see in the photo above. One is knitted on a spool, like you did if you were a Brownie as a girl; the other is called Viking knit. Both are very soft and flexible, which still seems odd to me. You can sign up and find out more about other classes by clicking on this link.

And if a single woven chain isn’t sexy enough for you, you can “sew” them together to create bands, like this one:

Or you can sew a string of the chains together and flatten them to make earrings, like these:

Or, do a short chain and add a handmade bead at the end for a pair of dangle earrings. Or add small beads up and down the length of chain. Or weave three strands together and stitch beads into the holes. Or make a wire bolo.

We’ll talk about all of that. Plus, we’ll drink wine while we work.

We’ll be working in copper wire, but silver or gold filled wire makes lovely pieces too.

You’ll get a knitting spool, draw plate and crochet hook so that you can continue to build your collection after this mini-workshop.

Come play with us!

  1. Ohh I’d really like to be there, but it’s a Thursday. Maybe you could give me a crash course some time??

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