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Workplace dreams and dreams of other flavors

In How we learn and think, I NEED THAT! on September 29, 2010 at 1:54 pm

I have a box  full of index cards that I keep on my desk. I keep blank cards in my car. When I have an idea or I need to know something more, I write myself a note on the card. Like if I have an idea for a character (or two) or a story or a potential product. I don’t take action on the ideas, well most of them and mostly not yet I hope. In fact, this video talks about how long it takes for an idea to incubate. So that box is my idea incubator, along with various piles of slips of paper and file folders and yes, the bottom of my purse and the little and big blank books that I carry around.

The mere act of writing things down has power.

I found this list of what I wanted in a workplace this morning and thought I’d share it.  I found that I had to be in the anti-space for a long time before I knew what the best place looked like. And amazingly enough, I either have this now or am capable of creating it. Fascinating!

What do you dream about?

  1. Thanks for reminding me about the power of writing things down.

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