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Consider the turkey

In Uncategorized on December 27, 2010 at 3:51 pm

This year for Christmas I cooked a turkey. No big, I’ve cooked plenty of turkeys. And we didn’t cook on for Thanksgiving so no turkey leftovers, my favorite after Thanksgiving memory. Here’s what I learned:

If you’re only going to make one every three or four years, they deserve consideration.

1. Buy a quality turkey. Cheap ones are tough. I think they use them first for Turkey Racing and then retire them early.

2. Pay attention to the turkey. Don’t just lay butter under the skin, salt and pepper and think you’re done. You’re not.

3. Dressing is better than stuffing. Add butter too.

4. Leftover turkey is good two times, once as a cold sandwich on cheap sandwich bread with lots of salt and mayo. Then as an open-faced hot turkey sandwich, piled with dressing and slathered in leftover gravy.

5. Once every two to three years is enough.

  1. Thanks for sharing the Shoendelier Photo. I’m glad it is inside! It’s too cold out there. The turkey sandwich sounds great!

  2. you forgot the best leftover — TURKEY SOUP! This year I used some of the stock as a base to make quinoa. Can’t buy turkey stock in a box, not even during the holidays… has to come from your own pot.

  3. Wow. You really know your turkey. I can’t agree more with everything you said. . . especially that leftover turkey is only good two times. You are so right!

    • Well, you couldn’t have eaten that turkey and said that. Yuck on the day that it was made. But next time, if I remember, will be better.

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