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1-1-11, a little late

In Garden, Uncategorized on January 5, 2011 at 2:13 pm

What a great set of numbers to start a new year on! And so what if I didn’t get around to writing about new beginnings until 1-5-11. I have been thinking about it, however, since I had to write the number on something, the number 2011.

For me, the new beginnings are encapsulated in the concept of GARDEN. I say concept because at this stage, it’s all about Hope and Imagining, a perfect couple for new beginnings. We began the new garden plot on 1-2-11, sectioning off an area and beginning to till. The past few nights I’ve been thumbing through seed catalogs, with one question on the top of my mind “How did they know I needed seed catalogs, and not just one but three so far?” See, we haven’t had a garden in five years or more. I expect a few more to arrive before this is all over.

And after the plot being laid out on the ground and seed catalogs being perused, the next thing is to develop the garden plan. Our plot is 40 x 15, which the seed catalogs call a small garden. I say, “Till it and say that, Pardner.” They do that to shame us all into bigger and bigger gardens. So, I have a BIG sheet of paper and lots of cut outs of pictures and descriptions of the perfect seeds. You know seeds, like all beginnings, are perfect, right? The hope that’s within them has no hint of failure. Failure comes from other things, like grasshoppers and too much clay in the soil and too much alkalai, and not enough water and too much Texas heat and planting with the wrong companions. It’s all something else’s fault. Seeds are faultless. I think that’s why they are so appealing. That and the pretty pictures of what they all have the potential to grow up to be. Tomatoes from beauty contests.

The plan continues to develop as new seed catalogs come in. Right now the varieties are changing but the core stays the same, cherry tomatoes move from Sweet 100s to Sweet Baby Girls, bell peppers from something to Carnivals. And that’s the way it should be ’cause I started inking in the plan. I’ll share it once it’s beautiful. There’s no reason the plan shouldn’t be beautiful, since all things are possible with the plan, as with the seeds.

So, this New Year is about hope and dreaming and faultless potential. I can wait for Summer for reality. Can’t you?

  1. Happy gardening!

    What a great way to start the New Year with new beginnings. I think your plot is huge! What do seed companies know? Happy growing!

  2. You know, it will be huge whether it produces or not.

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