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The Garden Plot thickens

In Uncategorized on January 26, 2011 at 10:55 pm

I said I’d share my garden plan. It’s done so I will. It’s already changed with additional Padron peppers where the Anchos would have been. Now the changes will be reflected in the soil and not on the paper.

The seeds are on their way. From three different seed suppliers.

I used to order from Shepherd’s Seed Catalog because the illustrations in the catalog were so lovely. One year, when I lived in the frozen Northeast where planning a garden was sometimes all that got you through the winter, for Christmas Mom sent me a gift certificate from Shepherd’s along with this poem, cleverly titled

Shepherd’s Watch

Choose from the seed catalog:
Echinacea to feed the butterfly’s habits;
Lemon balm to attract the bees and
Exotic lettuce to share with the ghost rabbits;
A pumpkin to ride to the Ball (if we please);
Moonflowers to let us know
Night is not all darkness that drowns,
But fragrance, good company,
And soft bullfrog sounds.

Mom, I’m planting flowers with the vegetables for both of us.

  1. Maybe throw a few flowers in for color. Can’t wait to see the photo of the garden as it grows.

  2. We all have our eye on this garden. I wish you sunshine and rain – in just the right amounts!

  3. And Bulgarian Carrot Peppers – brilliant orange and wickedly hot!

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