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Market your invention

In Uncategorized on February 10, 2011 at 11:01 pm

I attended a presentation by this guy at the Alamo Inventor’s Club. First, that’s a very interesting mix of people, from scientists with serious patented devices to people who are thinking about the world’s need for a better mousetrap. My favorite of his ideas was that you don’t innovate toward the unknown. You innovate right next to an existing product. Easier, faster sell. So for those of us trying to come up with time travel, we’d be better off coming up with a new type of pendant watch. See how easy that is to explain to the market?

Here are my notes:

Stephen has a great understanding of the machinations of the market, at a very practical level.

Last night, he shared his tips generously, but really what he was doing was promoting his new book and he offered a special offer to each person who went to Barnes and Noble and bought two books, which, if he reaches the 2000 number between March 21-28 he’ll get on the front table. See, first books get almost nothing from publishers toward promotion. See what I mean? Practical market savvy. If he’s really savvy, he’ll be able to tell that I talked about him and write me a comment. Let’s test it.


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