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Back at school. Dental school, that is.

In Uncategorized on February 24, 2011 at 3:11 pm
The following is a guest post from Tim Hayward. It made me laugh out loud so he said I could share it. It starts below.
I don’t have a blog so here is my entry.
I just got back from another dentist visit in Houston. I am getting work done at UT Medical School. So far it has been very good, though today something went slightly wrong. After a fairly lengthy physical procedure, I asked “Isn’t there a chemical option for treating this?”
Dr. Bentley: I was thinking about that. Megan, go back there and get a bottle of Chlorahexidine. There is a bottle on the counter in back.
Megan goes off to get the bottle. Dr. Bentley writes a prescription for it and leaves.
Megan returns with the bottle,carefully reading the label.
Megan: it doesn’t say how much you should use.
She pours me a cupful.
Tim: This really looks thick. (tastes it) and it tastes terrible! (Tim takes the whole terrible tasting cup and swishes it in his mouth for the required 30 seconds)
After tasting, complaining then rinsing for the 30 seconds I asked to see the label.
Megan: Why?
Me: Because I think it contains surficants.
Megan: Whats does that mean?
Me: Detergents. Dish soap.
Megan was a Baylor girl… I said “hell” earlier. Maybe she is just preparing for childrearing. She didn’t bring me the bottle. Then I saw an exact duplicate bottle underneath the clogged hand sanitizer dispenser in our lab cube. Yup, same taste.

Moral: The doctor, the student, the manufacturer and I all made a big mistake. However, their mistake didn’t have the impact that my mistake did. I am the only one of the four who swirled hand sanitizer around in his mouth for 30 seconds.

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