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The impact of audience

In Uncategorized on April 11, 2011 at 2:30 pm

Dorothy Parker addressed her “posts” to Constant Reader. Yes, I realize I’m no Dorothy Parker but I’ve been thinking lately about the direct impact of audience on what I write. See, this blog didn’t start out that way entirely. Yes, I thought of you, out there on the other side of the monitor. But the way I thought of you was not in the subject category, what you might want to think about today. I thought of you because whatever I wrote that I was interested in, I wanted it to be well-crafted because of you.

Directly After Africa [AA, like BC], I thought of the messages, the stories I wanted to share. At the time, what I was thinking about and what I wanted to share were the same thing. And there were new readers, invited by existing readers. And they liked the Africa stories. I did too. They were exotic, new, unknown. We explored a new world together while many of you were new.

Time has passed. I haven’t forgotten but I’m distanced now both in time and space. And so are you. Which brings me back to my point. Were you wondering?

Audience is important to all messaging that has an intention, a desire for action. This blog is not about action itself unless thinking is an action. Let’s hope that’s not the case; unless breath and heartbeat are actions as well.

So here are some things I’m thinking about these days, which will shift the direction my writing takes:

  • The Garden is up. Things are growing! The seeds are sprouting. I’m already planning what will be different next year. What does that mean?
  • I’m thinking about what a Visual Note-taking course might look like, compressed into 4-6 hours. Maybe as little as 3. What do you want?
  • If conservative political thought is about teaching a man to fish and liberal political though it about giving a man a fish so that he can focus his attention on  learning to fish, how is it we’re so far apart? Does this division serve the interest of the political machine and not the country?
  • How does writing with an old fashioned ink pen change writing?

So, I should ask you on the other side of the monitor, what are you thinking about these days?


  1. I love reading about your life, experiences and ideas! Here’s what I’ve been thinking about: Place – how does it effect who we are or who we want to be and when it change a good thing? Also, how to raise a strong, independent daughter in a girlie/princess focused world. I’m currently reading Cinderella Ate My Daughter so you can see where that thought is coming from 🙂

    • Place as a formative factor, even as adults, huh? Interesting.

      Have you read Don’t Bet on the Prince? It’s a “literary” analysis on the role of the Prince and the Princess who always needs to be rescued. However, the lead story in the book is about a Princess who is taller than her Prince to be, so she feigns paralysis so that she’s always sitting when he’s around. Not to worry. She gets over it (but he doesn’t).

      Can’t wait to see you guys!!!!! When is it again? First week of June?

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