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Be your own hero

In Uncategorized on April 14, 2011 at 1:43 pm

My friend, Beth had an interesting comment about keeping her young daughter independent and self-sufficient in an increasingly princess-centered world. I assume this is a Disney phenomenon these days. However, the princess theme was strong in my upbringing, with Grimm’s Fairy Tales around every corner, by my choice.

That made me wonder what might be different between Beth’s daughter’s environment and mine. I’m not sure but maybe. . .

Although I consumed fairy tales for years, in every shape and form from every culture and every country, when those same stories became fodder for  make believe, I was usually the hero. I did the rescuing. I did the escaping.

I had two women’s libber parents, even though they themselves wouldn’t have termed it the same way. Mom was an adventuress, who when it was time to be married, made the announcement to my Dad and flew on her own to South America to take care of the process. Dad had several women Geology students who were also their own heroes and took care of themselves. One whom I recall was about 6 feet tall and decked a male student who didn’t treat her with respect.

So my short, quick thoughts on the subject are, let the fairy tales be, they’re entertainment. A constant dose of strong women, or men, for that matter who make their own way, who are their own heroes, goes a long way. And I know you, Beth. You’re already there. . . constantly. She will never look at her Mom and say, “Someone saved Mom. So I have to find someone to save me.”

What do you think? Is that enough? Where else might you point?


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