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Instant Recess

In Move on May 17, 2011 at 2:53 pm

I ran across this somehow, not sure exactly where it came from. You know how information gets to you? I love the kind that comes through random channels. Yes, and it worries me (and others) that it takes more and more effort to preserve random channels with all the personalization of information that’s available. Don’t trust others to manage your interests. They don’t really know them, no matter how smart and sophisticated their algorithms. See, like this. I’m not writing really about this topic but there it is.

Okay, so a recent touted study shows that people who aren’t sedentary for long periods of time have a much lower (I think I remember 63%) chance of dying from a premature heart attack. So, Dr. Toni Yancey has developed a program called Instant Recess, which consists of 10 minutes of simple, mild aerobics as regular breaks in the day. She’s really a health policy wonk and not an exercise guru so her vision is far-reaching (nationwide).

I am sedentary. I sit at this computer most of the day. As a writer, that’s what I have to do. Write. And I fall through the hole in the paper (as Stephen King describes it) and lose all track of time. This is deep thought . . . well, not this, but often when I write there is little division between the act of writing and the act of thinking. And so time flies.

So I bought this.

You turn the time you want to count down to the top and it starts. You turn it to zero to stop it. I use it because it’s cool AND functional.

When the alarm sounds, I go to Youtube and play one of these 10 minute videos while I bounce around with them. My intention is to do this at least 3 times a day, but I get to it about twice, which is way better than nothing. I set the time for an hour and either do an Instant Recess or go down two flights of stairs to the garden and hunt for pests and to see if the no cucumbers yet state has changed. (It hasn’t.) Then I come back up the stairs.

Instant Recess is a great idea who’s time has way past come. It feels like a return to Kennedy fitness of my childhood without those damn climbing ropes.

See if this might make sense for you. Or just buy the timer.

  1. every time the bell rings to tell me recess is over, I hide in the bushes.

  2. Love it! Love it!

  3. Love the idea, want one. Where can I get it?

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