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Serendipity and Sketchnoting 102 and crisis

In Uncategorized on May 25, 2011 at 10:33 pm

It’s sort of like the Chinese word for crisis which is made of two other words, danger and opportunity. After the VizThink Austin Sketchnoting workshop before SWSX, I was driven to create a course. I needed more; I figured others might as well.

Now I’ve finished a pretty strong draft on a four hour Sketchnoting course. It needs polishing and colored markers. . . and some imagery, but other than that, it’s pretty much done. I had two really good volunteer reviewers who helped it along. A lot. They channeled their inner Sketchnote learner and made sure that the course would cover what they wanted to know and experience.

We scheduled it for June 25th.

We only lack a good venue and learners — one venue for four hours and 20 learners. I figure marketing as well as an online payment system is a nice to have. We only need 20, which means a venue with four-five round tables. Teeny, see?

And the venue can be pretty low tech, since this is paper. As I write this, I wonder what my problem is. . . why I haven’t found the place yet.

I think of it as a VizThink event ’cause those are the folks who know about Sketchnoting. I wonder if we could find 20 people elsewhere who knew enough about Sketchnoting to come no matter where we held it? Or if it needs to be held in Austin.

Would people come out to Eye of the Dog in San Marcos?

And now the the moss covered rock has slowed its roll. Or something like that. About the same time I was working on this course, I saw an announcement for another Sketchnoting course, held in conjunction with Austin’s elearning symposium. And then, right about the time that I finished the course content for Sketchnoting 102 (minus polishing and illustrations), I received a forward link for a beginning course on Graphic Recording. And where I had to search and think and struggle to figure out what principles were involved with Sketchnoting, these guys (alphachimpstudios) have been graphic recorders for a million years, having gone through art courses FIRST.

So I signed up for their online course. I’ve only just dipped my toe in the water, meaning I’ve created a sketchnoty illustration that is supposed to answer some questions about me.

See if it answers any of your questions about me, especially if you can’t see the questions.

But back to the dilemma. So what to do? Postpone it? Complete the facilitation guide and post it for others to take and develop? Charge through and hope for the best?

Partly, I’m out of steam. So, I thought I’d take an easy lean on my social network and see if the power of numbers (mine are small and they’re pretty engaged, so maybe they’re a hybrid) made a difference.

What do I need? Encouragement. A venue. 20 learners. That’s about it.

  1. Great blog! My first thought was “When the student is ready the teacher will appear.” Somebody, somewhere, at some time wants and needs this info. It seems like the timing is not . . quite . . exactly . . right. . yet. In the meantime, I think tedx would be a perfect place for your first marketing tease.

    • Well, postponing it is really appealing to me. But I have those co-conspirators and I hate to let them down!!

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