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Living at garden time

In Uncategorized on May 30, 2011 at 1:37 pm

I’ve learned something about gardening this year that veteran gardeners know, so maybe that makes me a burgeoning veteran. It’s that gardens slow down time.

As I wait for blossoms to become fruit and for tomatoes to turn red, I’m moved into the timestream of gardening. This year, weeks and months haven’t rushed. I love that the summer is stretched into days. May has been 75 days long as I walk through the garden in the morning and the evening, noticing the small changes — amazed that I can see small changes between morning and night and not just catastrophic grasshopper created ones.

Time loves the garden and so it stays there, no?

  1. My mother taught me the joy of gardening. When I am with my flowers and pots outside, it’s the only time that time stands still. It helps me realize how being away from my plants these last few weeks has added to this unpleasant transition. I’m wondering. . . . Are you touching them yet? talking to them? If not, . . . you will.

    • I talk to them, pet them, roll them around, straighten their ties. All that stuff.

      You’re also welcome to come out and visit them, even for an extended visit.

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