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Great stories

In Uncategorized on June 30, 2011 at 2:58 pm

That’s a pretty tall claim, but I’m in the middle of a good story. I’m going back to Africa in a week, this time for 2 1/2 weeks plus that 4-5 days worth of travel time. I’ll be in Nairobi for a week and then in Addis Ababa for a week. I have a HUGE suitcase loaded with goodies for folks there. Right now, I’m thinking that the suitcase will stay in Africa as it’s really much too large for a suitcase, more resembling a steamer truck and we don’t travel by steamer any more, which might be unfortunate.

I hope to visit orphan elephants and pet a giraffe’s nose. And of course, work with these wonderful people who are totally committed to positive change in Africa. Did I tell you that Africa resembles a start up? Well, the parts that I’ve experienced. I suppose it’s kind of dumb to generalize an entire continent, but despite the news that we hear about war and strife and poverty and death of which there is plenty, or maybe in spite of it . . . the Africa I found is full of hope and possibility and like a start up, you don’t hear, we tried that and it didn’t work or we don’t think that will work. We hear, “Hey! That’s interesting. We’ll try it and let you know.” Open thinkers, open hearts?

And, we’re going to be Sketchnoting!!!! so about 1/4 of the suitcase contains boxes of markers — kid friendly markers which I’ve found are much better than the artist type markers. They’re cheap, they don’t bleed through and you don’t worry about someone with a heavy hand mashing down the point.

So a blend of two good stories. Before I leave I’m spending a week in the mountains where I plan to sleep in. You can’t actually arrive in Africa rested cause of the flights but at least I won’t run out of steam before I get on the plane. And then I count on adrenaline to get me through the rest.

I’ll have more stories when I come back.

How about you? What’s your good story? Yes, you have one.

  1. I had no idea you had another trip planned and can’t wait for more of your stories when you return again from Africa! How exciting. Have a safe trip and enjoy your time! Take care and sending love.

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