Hatching Free Range Ideas

And now, the camel body

In drawings, Images, Sketchnoting, Visual Thinking on August 24, 2011 at 1:41 pm

Animal bodies are harder for me to draw than animal heads but sometimes you need the body. Like if I wanted to show steady transport of some object, I might need to put it on a camel to move it across my page. Camels’ nostrils are slits, again to keep out the sand. I forgot those on yesterday’s head. You should add them.
And then there’s the deal of the knees on the back legs going backward. Well, they don’t really but there’s an odd bend in the thigh to place the leg underneath the body.

Bodies have three sections more the most part, the shoulder, the belly and the rear. I draw them first as three circles with the belly the big circle. You can see that in this horse drawing I only used two. That works too.

The more familiar I am with the object, the less I use the drawn circles and the more I just imagine them when I draw the outside line.

Now I’m working to get this to an icon state. That seems even harder.

Draw a camel today crossing a desert carrying something important. They do that, you know.


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