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Sketchnote Spoiler Alert

In drawings, How we learn and think, Images, Sketchnoting, Visual Thinking on August 26, 2011 at 2:28 pm

Based on observations and some very valuable comments by folks at my first ever Sketchnoting 102 workshop, I am changing the approach somewhat, moving into the actual Sketchnoting more gently.

One workshop participant suggested that the first Sketchnoting exercise be a song or something that people were already familiar with. Eleanor Rigby comes to mind.

But I used the 3 Little Pigs story and will likely do that at the short teaser workshop in September at Firecat Studios in San Antonio. If you’re coming to that, don’t tell.

Here’s the Sketchnote illustration that I came up with. And while I was drawing and thinking, I came up with my idea of the essence of pig. See if you can find it. Each time I draw I add at least one other symbol to my Sketchnote vocabulary.

Why don’t you try it? Or work on Eleanor Rigby? Or this one? Just don’t watch. Listen only.


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