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Full O’ Roosters

In Uncategorized on October 18, 2011 at 2:01 pm

A great description of someone who is way too cool for their own good, huh?

Here’s my full o roosters.

My niece’s community hosted her wedding this past weekend. The community that I’m talking about is a group of family and friends who demonstrated the depths of their love for her through the gift of a weekend that was devoted 100%  to her happiness.

The wedding took a year to plan (as it should have) and a full weekend to pull off.  I’d say that people worked tirelessly but I know that’s not the truth. We were exhausted but it didn’t stop the work. Maybe that’s what that phrase means anyway.

If ever a marriage began wrapped in love, this one did. With the support I saw from her community, that marriage is held on pillars of stone and steel and love.  It’s a debt that only big love over a lifetime can begin to pay back.

Congratulations to Clint and Erica! Big Love Forever!!!

  1. Beautiful. Made me smile. Thank you friend.

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