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Cynthia’s Spoon

In Celebration, Story on January 27, 2012 at 6:06 pm

I wasn’t going to post this until a package arrived at Kenny and Beth’s. I mailed the package yesterday. Today, I noticed that I LEFT A 4 OUT OF THE MAILING ADDRESS after I had glibly, assuredly refused delivery confirmation and insurance, trusting the Post Office to get it to the address as they always seem to do in the U.S. I failed to recognize the culpability of the sender. Sigh.

Here’s the story of Cynthia’s spoon. Beth, if you have to read it from here and not from the package, at least know that it was for you all along.

Once upon a time, a little girl named Cynthia was born.

Cynthia arrived on a hot August day in Texas, a day so hot that no birds sang and no water ran. In fact, no one did anything.

Two spirits watched as Cynthia was born, a bird spirit named Cheepy and a Water spirit named Burble. Without birds to watch and water to manage, neither one had much to do to keep them amused.

However, in among the rocks of the dry stream where Burble kept her treasures, was a small silver spoon, a tiny bit Cheep and a little bit Burbled.

Cheepy charmed the spoon so that every time it would touch the lips of a little girl, the birds would sing in Texas and the girl with the spoon would know what was happening.

Well, at least she would know who had a new nest and where the owl was, the kind of things that matter to birds.

Burble charmed the spoon so that every time it was held by a little girl’s hand, clear cool water would fill the Texas creeks and wash over the treasures hidden among the rocks.

Cheepy and Burble talked all August about this magical spoon, wondering if it worked. They needed a little girl to try it out on.

August passed, thankfully and in September (because no one does anything in Texas in August), Cheepy and Burble left the spoon on Cynthia’s front doorstep for Cynthia’s mother to find it.

Cynthia grew up to be an amazing woman, with news that no one else ever had. She was a favorite guest at cocktail and dinner parties. And, the full creeks brought her many treasures. Cynthia held swimming parties everywhere she went. But of all her treasures, her little silver spoon was her very favorite.

I found this spoon of Cynthia’s among the rocks of a dry creek bed and a little bird told me the story. Last night as I held the spoon it rained and rained and the rain filled our creek to over flowing.

I wonder what might happen if Olive tested it. Or Cora. Or maybe even you? Sorry, Kenny. It only works in a little girl’s hand and you don’t qualify.

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