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What would YOU do for $5?

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Do you know about fiverr.com? It’s one of the great values of being connected to the web, of staying current with what’s out there and what’s happening. It’s also one of the benefits of having a brother who stays out there and stays current since he’s the one who told me about it.

Fiverr.com has a list of things that people will do in exchange for $5. The commerce system is built in so that you choose the offering you want and pay through fiverr. They manage the rest. There are micro-products and services from around the world. A cute kid will record a video of himself delivering your bad news, ’cause as he says, it’s easier to accept when it’s delivered by a cute kid. People will create colorful QR codes. They’ll build web intros. All for $5.

Fiverr may be one of the last great values. For example, I found someone who was willing to create an original cartoon image from a photo. . . for $5.

Here’s the photo

Yes, it’s a rare thing, in and of itself.

And here’s the cartoon.

And here are two things that the cartoon has become.

All for $5!!!!

What would you buy for $5? I warn you, you can get lost for a long time on the site. And it’s dangerous! I just published the post and clicked the link to make sure it worked. When I got to the fiverr site, someone had posted an offer on the front page for two pieces of ¬†felt breakfast toast.

I DIDN’T KNOW THAT I NEEDED THEM. But they’re on their way to me right now. Sigh.


Exposed to Marketing

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I have a 13 year old great nephew named Jonah, who stayed with us over his Spring Break. In a brief conversation, Jonah came up with the tag line for a new product. Here it is:

Dog food so good. . . .


It’s made for people.

It’s either politics or product development in his future.

Building a healthier future

In Uncategorized on March 22, 2012 at 2:56 pm

My brilliant friend Karen is a personal trainer . . . par excellence. I’ve been working with her for about a month and she’s changed my perspective on personal training. Here’s how it goes.

Karen: Stand against this wall like this.

I mimic her stance.

Karen: Arms higher. . . higher. Good. Now push.

I follow the instructions.

Karen: Walk.

I walk.

Karen: Now walk like this.

She picks some funny version of a walk and I walk it.

Karen: Interesting. Here’s what we’re going to work on today.

She walks me through about an hour of work, explaining what happens when I do each thing. I’m mostly listening but it’s such a luxury to follow well presented, well considered instruction, rather than following a standard circuit. I learn stuff each time. I’m beginning to carry a notebook as she’s begun to give me homework.

All of our work together is based on a constant assessment and adjustment. She’s helping me with posture, balance, stretchiness, Dowager’s hump, falling arches, etc. All the things that come to an aging body. I’m hoping to get it all in place and working BEFORE I desperately need it.

So personal training is not about Biggest Loser type pain . . . or competition, which I often feel from yoga classes where other’s are so much more bendy and graceful. It’s about making sure that YOUR body is working at its best possible level and preserving that level for as long as possible.

At the end of the hour I am tired and relaxed with a bit of self-righteous pride thrown in. It’s better than massage!!!!

Wanna give it a try? Tell Karen I sent you.