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Garden as Playhouse

In Big Fun!, Garden, Wandering on April 17, 2012 at 1:55 pm

Last year I thought of my garden as a labyrinth, where I slowly, carefully walked each row in sequence. My thoughts, although quiet were garden thoughts, paused only for a brief violence against the grasshoppers. I watched time progress each day, sometimes twice each day as I noted the positive —  new growth, or the negative — grasshopper or earwig cuts. This year, the second year, the garden is more playhouse than labyrinth. Whimsy abounds. Or my own version of whimsy. I wonder if it’s about the second year or about the fact that I have all this fun, funny stuff that hasn’t had a place before. Who knows?

See the open shed in the background of the picture? It’s getting a blue and yellow striped canvas curtain. And I think this year’s big sculpture might need to be a garden god.

Since I was photographing the garden, which has only two tomatoes in it as production at this point so maybe it might as well be a playhouse at least for now, here are some other photos of Texas Spring.

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