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So you want to start an online course?

In How we learn and think, Instructional design on September 13, 2012 at 7:23 pm

I wrote earlier about an online course that I was really excited to have signed up for. Unfortunately, my excitment has waned, to the point of leaving the course. It wasn’t what I have come to expect from online learning, a medium that with careful thought may have begun to come into it’s own power. There was little that was thought provoking, even though there were many really interesting experts from many interesting fields taking hte course. The problem was two fold — a lack of energy on the facilitators part combined with a desire to tightly control the experience.

First question — do you want to host a learning event or do you want to provide informational

What’s the difference?

If your goal is to deliver information, then truly content is king. 100% focus on the quality of the content.

If you want to host a learning event, content is 30%, the learners are 30% and facilitation is 30%. The other 10% is magic.

  1. I love this video! It is a good example of “learning” that is truly an experience. Everyone participates – make mistakes and learns from them. This is truly hands on learning!

    Choose this method? Or sit in front of a computer screen and hope there aren’t distractions! Thanks for this lesson in learning that matters!

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