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“Bold blog: Groupthinkers would rather feel righteous than be right”

In How we learn and think on September 26, 2012 at 4:49 pm

I got this as a link from one of the bajillion e-newsletters that I subscribe to. This one is SmartBlog on Leadership and often has a nugget to two worth thinking about. That, combined with the fact that a new copy seems to hit my inbox about 700 times a week makes it somewhat troublesome. I feel obligated to give it a glance before letting is drop off the top of the Inbox. This was the nugget I found for today. I like it for several reasons. One, the writer takes a very bold position. Two, her thinking matches mine; what she finds troubling I find troubling. I noticed that she works for herself, like many agitators/provocateurs, as do I. And that makes me wonder, if I agree with her and feel righteous about my position, am I then a member of her Groupthink? I don’t think so because I’m still thinking about it but it’s still sort of a dichotomy, don’t you think?

Give it a read and see.

  1. I’m not sure the link leads to the article you were trying to reference..

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