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The Internet and curiosity

In drawings, How we learn and think, Sketchnoting, Visual Thinking on October 15, 2013 at 9:37 pm

ImageI love the serendipity of the Internet. I was Googling for camping spaces in Albuquerque and somehow I came across a vacation Bible school camp for kids that involved drawing with Draw Squad’s own Mark Kistler. . . in Albuquerque. And in that post, which I continued to read, not because I was interested in VBS but because I am interested in the way Kistler teaches, it mentioned a book for adults who want to learn to draw 3D objects. So, of course, since there was a link to the book and it led to Amazon, I ordered the book, You can draw in 30 days. This is Lesson 3. . . of 28. Each lesson is 20 minutes or less. I’ve graduated from spheres to cubes and I can’t wait to see what happens next. I’m not going to peek ahead.

But so far, even though I’m drawing the exact objects that he says to draw, I’m learning a lot about what makes an image 3 dimensional. For my artist friends. . . well you are so far beyond me and will likely remain. I don’t need to try to impress you. But for those of you who say you can’t draw. . . this is yet another lesson to the contrary. I’m sure that this will enhance my sketchnoting.

I might post more, say when we get into 2 point perspective . . . or maybe sooner. And I’m learning to love pencils again.

Oh, I really wandered off. How would I have learned about this book if I hadn’t wandered off then, drawn by something bright and shiny in the corner of my eye? If our search engines get too smart, what will that mean for this kind of serendipity, fueled by mild curiosity?

  1. Hey Kate–

    Will you be camping in Albuquerque? Please check in and we can get together, get with Tim, and all have a party. BTW, my book Freaking Green featuring the . . .wait for it . . .Hayward family of Albuquerque is finally on Amazon. The drawing book looks very cool, and very enticing with 20 minute-lessons. Actually I think that is brilliant in its non-intimidatingness.

    • Yes, please. We are planning to be there the last week in January. We would LOVE to see you!!!

    • Laura, will your book, Freaking Green, become available to purchase as an e-book? I looked for the e-version and couldn’t find it. Any book that has a Hayward family connection gets my interest 🙂

      And Kate, the drawing looks cool.

  2. Just so you know, MS, I read a bit of the book and I don’t see us there at all. I think Laura borrowed our very normal, very English name. Or she borrowed it from a different very normal, very English family.

    But how funny!

    Now I have to read the entire book ’cause I have to know what Delivery Guy from Extremis, Inc. delivered. Ordering now.

  3. Hi Kate and Mary Sue–
    The book’s available in Kindle format at http://www.amazon.com. Re the name, no, there’s no specific connection with Kate’s family (although it probably would be an excellent subject for a book.) I started out using the name Holloway. Then that girl named Holloway who disappeared in Aruba came back into the news. The main character’s little brother is named Stirling (after the engine) so when another woman in my writer’s group remarked that years ago, there’d been an actor named Sterling Holloway, the name just got “too crowded.” Naming characters in books is an odd process, and for some reason I wanted the family name to begin with H. So I then tried Holliwell and some other variations, but they were awkward to pronounce and didn’t sound right. Then Hayward, a name that’s easy to pronounce and with excellent connotations, popped into my mind and it fit.

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