Hatching Free Range Ideas


Ideas are more like eggs than light bulbs. It’s hard to say what might come out of one.

But, they need careful tending, sometimes ignoring until the right moment. This is a collection of ideas and thoughts in various stages of incubation, a gathering in a virtual basket.

  1. WOW! I love this idea. And having a blog is super cool! See you soon.

  2. What fun! As is everything you do.

  3. You have more fun than anyone I know. Thanks for sharing with so many people who want to have fun too!

  4. I love to read your thoughts. You are such a good writer and you inspire me to think and act out of the box. Keep writing and keep acting like a child with accomplished cooking skills. Love you.

  5. hi Kate, it’s Catharine Cary in Paris, France! I awoke with a start last week and wrote you a letter longhand about your mohter, and then got on line to find your address, and ended up on this fun blog. I love the idea of eggs and sticky information. Can you send me your street address at c.cary@free.fr?

  6. Have you seen the TED talk, where good ideas come from? It takes years for a good idea to emerge. Just because it all comes out in a single moment doesn’t mean that it hasn’t been incubating for years.

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